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Visiting Lago Sandoval is the activity you cannot miss when coming to Puerto Maldonado. The lake is located within the Tambopata National Reserve. You will access the lake on a boat ride of approximately 15 min. from the hotel. Thereafter we will start our journey (1-11/2 hour walk) into the wild during which we will enjoy the opportunity to know plants and animals in their astonishing environment. The trek ends on the shore of the lake where we will approach a canoe that we will use to explore the shore and the creeks of the Sandoval lake looking for beautiful lanscapes and the animals that leave in it: different kinds of monkeys, giant otters, caimans, shanshos –an prehistoric bird-, parrots, guacamayos and more…

Duration: early morning tour (recommended) or full day excursion

We want to make a memorable experience of your trip to Puerto Maldonado. Nature will be without a doubt in the center of the attention when you decide to visit this impressive part of our earth. We are committed to helping you define the tours and experiences which will best suit your plans. The location of our hotel is perfect for you to access a vast number of activities with the nature. Please do not hesitate to contacting us at and let us start the dialogue.

Below we have gathered 3 activities which we believe you should not miss in order to make of your trip a memorable experience. All those experiences can be booked 24 hours in advance. Of course, you can also make a reservation directly contacting us at:




High quality wooden elements, modern furniture and tasteful decoration successfully round off the classic style.




Light colours, tasteful design elements and high quality materials provide for the highest comfort.




The suite features high quality design with wooden elements, plenty of space and modern amenities.

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