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Enai is an independent, sustainability-focused hotel located on the Madre de Dios river in the Peruvian rainforest, in the outskirts of the city Puerto Maldonado.

This endeavor of four friends from Europe and Peru, who first visited this place 15 years ago and fell in love with the beauty of the Amazon area and its wildlife, is now a reality – Enai!

This dream is driven by a passion to sustain, protect, share and improve the local culture and the environment through a sustainable hotel development.

Enai, which means river in the native tatinawa language, offers its guests authentic rainforest experiences, starting within the hotel’s grounds, while also providing the necessary comfort and tranquility to unwind.

Enai focuses on wildlife conservation, reforestation and local employment. The hotel partners with local businesses and organizations, uses local and sustainable approaches to build its furniture, manage the surroundings and oversees significant land to avoid exploitation of the amazon.




High quality wooden elements, modern furniture and tasteful decoration successfully round off the classic style.




Light colours, tasteful design elements and high quality materials provide for the highest comfort.




The suite features high quality design with wooden elements, plenty of space and modern amenities.

Our architecture is designed to conserve energy, and the hotels own organic farm is packed with edibles all cared for using sustainable agricultural practices, served in the hotel’s Amazona by Enai restaurant.

Enai welcomes families, couples, single explorers and wildlife enthusiasts.
Whether you are seeking adventure or relaxation, new cultural or culinary experiences, you will find it at Enai. Our restaurant delights our guests with Peruvian culinary experiences, and our lounge and pool areas invite guests to meet and mingle- exchange experiences – or just unwind, while overlooking the majestic Madre de Dios river.

Welcome to the jungle



Enai hotel is located a few kilometers outside of Puerto, directly on the Madre de Dios river. Yet, Enai is not a remote lodge, but a hotel with services as: electricity, wifi, cold & hot water – just like you except at other places.
But, the jungle can be a very difficult environment, where electricity cuts and wifi outages can happen. . Plus since we are the jungle, we are not alone: insect call the jungle their home and despite efforts to keep them away, please be prepared to see insects in the hotel.

While you will experience the Amazon rainforest in all its beauty at Enai, we appreciate your understanding and collaboration in case you experience any challenges during your stay.

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